Tradie Pilot

Swanston Build



9/4 Ford Rd Maroubra

Quotation Date: November 17, 2022

Swanston Build

Customer Details:



235 Quakers rd Quakers Hill

Quoted Amount: $7

Payment Due: November 16, 2022

Scope of work

  • Supply Install windows Number
  • Supply Install external doors
  • Supply Install internal doors
  • Supply Install hardware windows door hardware
  • Supply Install timber flooring
  • Supply Install skirting architraves
  • Remove trade rubbish to bin off site
  • Provide protective coverings

Work Completion: November 17, 2022

Terms and Conditions

  • The hourly rate is based on a standard 40 hours week
  • Workmanship guaranteed

This invoice is issued under the building and construction Industry Security of Payments Act 1999